Sunday, April 15, 2007

X-33, X-43, X-36, X-29

These are the airplanes that will probably be available in the next 15-30 years. We believe that the challenge to inventing future airplanes will be a thoughtful one. This is because people will begin to want airplanes that fly more often and further distances for a smaller price. Some people suggest a ground- effect plane which would have wings that trap air on top of which the plane rides.
Although you may think robot planes will be with us in the future, they are already invented. The military uses them to prevent the risk of losing a pilot's life. Some people think that we will be able to build invisible planes that will be able to fly through the air undetected to radar.

Scientists think that space planes that fly above the atmosphere would encounter little or no friction allowing them to fly at speeds of Mach 26 (26 times the speed of sound).

This speed would allow a plane to arrive in London from New York in less than 30 minutes! NASA is also trying to replace the old shuttle with the X-33 which will carry spare parts and astronauts to the International Space Station (the International Space Station will be built over the next ten years).

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